Where Did All The Pounds Go?

Victor Yanez, a 25-year-old with a penchant for tattoos, exotic cars and trips to Las Vegas, knew the cops were on to him.

Two years ago, he agreed to cooperate with state prosecutors after Miami detectives found him with counterfeit labels used to hide illegal bottles of powerful prescription cough syrup.

Fast forward to September, and deputies in the Florida Keys pulled over Vargas, who is a friend of South Florida rapper Rick Ross, for speeding and arrested him after allegedly finding a bag of marijuana inside his Mercedes-Benz. A few weeks later, federal agents raided his girlfriend’s ocean-view luxury Brickell condo, seizing 2,274 grams of marijuana, 1,004 grams of the club-drug Molly and over 100 more counterfeit prescription labels, according to court documents.