Sergeant who donated his organs is honoured

Happy couple: Sergeant Pat Cassidy and Yvonne on their wedding day at Dublin’s McKee Barracks
A young Army sergeant who helped save three lives has been honoured as part of Organ Donor Awareness Week.

The family of Sergeant Pat Cassidy – originally from Athlone – joined with Defence Force members in a ceremony at McKee Barracks in Dublin.

Sgt Cassidy was 47 when he died following a heart attack – and he was the holder of an organ donor card. His lungs, kidneys and liver helped save three people.

His wife Yvonne said: “Pat would have been proud. We got married here and it holds so many special memories.”

Pat had appeared fit and healthy before his death: “The decision to donate his organs was a hard one but was made easier knowing we were honouring his wishes.”

The focus of Organ Donor Awareness Week is to remind individuals to talk to their families, carry the organ donor card, permit Code 115 to be included on their driver’s licence and have the “digital organ donor card” app on their smartphone.

Proud: Yvonne Cassidy honoured her husband’s wishes
Proud: Yvonne Cassidy honoured her husband’s wishes