Jersey Shore Vinny Shares ‘Guido’ Food Plan

Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino lost 50 pounds on his new plan. Now he is sharing what is being called the “Guido” food dairy, which is essentially all the foods he ate to achieve his desired look.

The Italian American reality TV star had to give up the loaves and loaves of bread he devoured daily to take on the meal plan. He has documented his experience on Instagram now dubbing himself the “Ket0 Guido.” Most recently, he shared a video of what is in his fridge telling his followers it is his food diary.

Guadagnino only eats foods that are all natural. According to Women’s Health the fist-pumping star is not about the processed food; instead, he opts for grass-fed, organic and free-range foods. Bacon and cheese are two staple items that can be found in his fridge, but he doesn’t go overboard on them. The 31-year-old has said he eats about three pieces of bacon for breakfast and keeps his cheese intake limited to keep his dairy consumption in check.

Even though he has a big sweet tooth the Jersey Shore Family Vacation star does limit how much sugar he eats. It was a tough challenge for him, but now Guadagnino insists that a piece of 90 percent cocoa curves his sweet craving. Another go-to for the sweets lover is keto cheesecake sweetened with monk fruit extract.

Another way he keeps his eating in check is by flavoring all the foods he eats properly. Spices are his best friend, and he uses them on everything, including his arugula salad, which features a squeeze of lemon, olive oil, salt, and some onions. His Italian roots come into play again with his love of garlic, Guadagnino admits most of the food he eats has garlic on it or in it.

Last, but by no means least. Vinny Guadagnino has a freezer full of meat. He uses a delivery service called ButcherBox, which brings him his favorite meats once a month. The best part is that he can switch up his order, so he is not eating the same meat protein all the time.